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Chocolate Workshop

York’s Chocolate Story - Chocolate Workshop
Client: Continuum Attractions

York’s Chocolate Story continues to be at the forefront of the city’s visitor attractions after over 10 years. We were asked to improve and update the final part of the visitor journey we originally designed with a new Chocolate Workshop at the end of the tour. Here guests can get hands on with the creation of mouth watering chocolate treats.

The original ‘alchemy of chocolate’ concept visually creates a giant molten ribbon of chocolate with “bubbles” releasing stories from within as it links the narrative through the building. We have now added a finished chocolate block to the end of the ribbon to house a huge screen looping our favourite old confectionery adverts as a back drop to the new activity space and a conclusion to the narrative journey.


Three large tables designed to look like white chocolate dripping from ceiling nozzles over dark chocolate bases present guests with everything they will need to make their very own white chocolate lolly with their own toppings and piping designs added for good measure. Guests are then invited to watch the expert confectioner make truffles whilst they wait for their lollies to cool.

Chocolate Workshop
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