We Made It Gallery - Birmingham

Client: Thinktank Birmingham

Made in Birmingham is an interactive gallery about the ways that everyday products past and present have been produced from the Earth’s resources. The gallery sets out to show just how and why Birmingham became known as ‘the workshop of the world’. Uncovering the science of materials, the ingenuity and inventiveness of manufacturers and the need for waste reduction and sustainable manufacturing processes in the region, including a section on the story of the building of Spitfire aircraft across the region.

Using a unique mix of collection objects including several historic working machines, interactives, setworks and AV, visitors are taken on a journey from raw materials to finished product.

Thinktank’s approach to learning in the museum is to set science in the context of everyday life and familiar experiences. In “We Made It” the design of the space, displays and activities work together to create an intuitively understandable context for the scientific and historical themes of the gallery’s four zones.