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Porto House of Stories

Porto House of Stories - Porto
Client: Taylor's Port (Fladgate Partnership)

The Porto House of Stories is a planned new visitor attraction in Gaia on the South bank of The Douro River. In conjunction with TVAC - Placemakers, we created the concept design and content plan for this ambitious new visitor attraction.

Housed in the historic wine lodge area it is a key part of the “World of Wine” complex of attractions, restaurants and retail. Located close to the busy river quays the new development will create a new focus for tourism in the region. By creating emotional connections with its audience The House of Stories will transport visitors to a world where history can come to life for them, show and not just tell as it leads visitors through the rich history of Porto and the region around it.

Through immersive experiences and engaging presentations visitors will be introduced to the rich landscapes and varied environments of the region, setting the stage for the drama to come. Pre Roman communities and the establishment of the Roman city lead up to Porto’s critical role in the formation of the nation, laying the foundations of its rapid rise to become the world’s first global power. Later war returns to Porto and again it plays a major role in defending the nation against French invaders and, in the civil war, upholding the values of the nation. The visit concludes with a tram ride through the elegant and prosperous city of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, ending with an invitation for visitors to explore the city at their own pace with a uniquely tailored guide to Porto and the region.

The House of Stories location was at the centre of the events it describes and the stories it tells will be equally authentic and authoritative. Visitors will enjoy an experience as rich in information as it is entertaining giving them new insights and valued memories of this most fascinating of cities.

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