Emirates Spinnaker Tower - Portsmouth

Client: Continuum Attractions

The Emirates Spinnaker Tower is an observation tower in Portsmouth that stands an impressive 170-metres high. The sail-shaped tower overlooks Portsmouth Harbour and is the centrepiece of the harbour redevelopment project.


Form Atlarge were commissioned to develop the ground floor visitor experience from the entrance through to the shop, including a new introduction; ticketing area; audio visual pre-show and a green screen opportunity. Our conceptual approach to the project was to add an ingredient that the tower was dearly missing, the wind. Given the tower is a large sail we felt strongly that the wind should deliver not only the narrative but also be referenced within the aesthetic through directional structure and audio visual technique.


As well as giving the tower a new aesthetic befitting of their new sponsor we also added value by creating a pre-show film titled Sail Of The Solent which delivers 4000 years of history in 4 minutes within a fast-paced, paper-cut animated style. The film not only introduces some of the many fascinating people connected with Portsmouth but also sets up nicely the ascent to the viewing deck. When visitors descend from the viewing deck their green screen photo moment awaits as well as an extended and refreshed retail offer.

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