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Royal Cornwall Museum

Royal Cornwall Museum
Client: Royal Cornwall Museum

We were appointed by the Royal Institution of Cornwall to create a masterplan for the museum’s development over the next few years. The overarching outcome of this project was to show how to widen and deepen engagement with existing and new audiences so that it becomes a more important, meaningful and valued part of people’s lives in the region.

The process of this piece of work was to produce an exhaustive study analysing all of the options and working through and testing scenarios in a detailed way to focus in on a strategy that will inform the both of delivery of the project and its operation and evolution in the future.

The three month project delivered a vision for the museum’s revival that was both imaginative and pragmatic combining open use community spaces, art galleries, a re- focussed county archive and a cafe bar and music venue as well as accessible and relevant gallery spaces.

Royal Cornwall Museum Axo
Royal Cornwall Museum Main Hall
Royal Cornwall Museum Bar
Royal Cornwall Museum Minerals Gallery
Royal Cornwall Museum Retail
Royal Cornwall Museum
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