Darwin Centre - London

Client: Natural History Museum

The Darwin Centre is the Museum’s most significant development to date. It’sthe only place in the UK where visitors will interact daily with natural science experts, seeing how the collections are helping to address issues such as the causes of disease and the maintenance of delicate ecosystems around the world. The Darwin Centre is a world rst in science communication and highlights the important role the Museum plays in generating knowledge about the natural world. The building will safeguard the Museum’s 28 million insects and six

million plants in a vast eight storey cocoon. It will also provide state of the art laboratories for the Museum’s scientific staff.

We were commissioned to create a self-guided journey of discovery inside the cocoon allowing visitors to see ‘behind the scenes’ into the science spaces. Using hands-on learning displays and resources, people can experience the Explore Tour which provides visitors with a view into a working research facility. It is a journey that enables visitors to engage with the work of the Museum in exploring the diversity of life on Earth and prompt them to explore the natural world and encourage their involvement in efforts to conserve biodiversity.