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Loch Ness Centre

The Loch Ness Centre
Client: Continuum Attractions

We have designed a complete new visitor experience to renew a previous exhibition in the old Drumnadrochit Hotel, where in 1933, Mrs Aldie Mckay reported seeing a “whale like fish” or “water beast” in the waters of Loch Ness. Her sighting sparked the birth of the monster media frenzy and created a global legend.


The unique hour-long experiential journey takes guests on a walk through 500 million years of history as they delve deep into the formation of the majestic landscape, ancient Scottish myths and legends, scientific research and stories of the search for “Nessie”.


Guests become part of the quest as they sift through the evidence and decide what they think lies behind the phenomena of the monster sightings.


After this experience no one, whether believer or sceptic, can ever see the Loch in the same way again – keep looking!

Prologue - Loch Ness Centre
Myths and legends
Loch Ness Centre
Loch Ness Centre
Loch Ness Centre
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