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Household Cavalry Household Cavalry Museum

Household Cavalry Museum - London
Client: Household Cavalry

We worked with the Trustees of Household Cavalry to develop a new museum at the of formal entrance to Buckingham Palace. The museum provides a unique behind the scenes view of Britain’s oldest regiment in action and greater public access to the collections of the Household Cavalry than ever before. The challenge was to use the Regimental collections and assets in an innovative way to improve access and create a ten-fold increase in visitor numbers. The scheme also set out a planned approach to collections management and significantly improves the environmental conditions in which the collection is displayed.

The collection is comprised of textiles, precious metals, ritual objects, documents, letters and personal histories . It is of unique national significance and represents the close association between the Regiment and the Monarch since the mid-seventeenth century. It is displayed in part of the Horse guards complex at Whitehall. This Grade 1 listed building, designed by William Kent in 1745, has never before been open to the public. The new design focused on part of the stables which, in addition to accommodating working horses, now houses collections relating to the ceremonial duties of the Household Cavalry and a range of collections-based exhibits explaining the history of the regiment. The approach is entirely visual and relies on a clearly defined hierarchy of information which helps visitors to draw out the meaning and stories from the objects.

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