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National Museum Royal Navy “Hear My Story”
Client: National Museum Royal Navy

The core objectives of this project were to create an inclusive and welcoming space that allows the widest range of audience groups to encounter an intimate and authentic reflection of life in and around the Royal Navy, in the recent past and the present and to understand the opportunities and challenges of the future.

The space is the last in the museum journey and so was re-configured to create a thought provoking pausing point for reflection and exploration at the end of the gallery visitor route. We created centred space with a clearly defined and inviting entrance to the temporary display space beyond with an overhead ring with a graphic collage of images and key words providing the focus for the space.


Everything in the small area works as hard as possible to deliver a meaningful experience that rewards closer exploration with points of individual digital interaction surrounded and supported by powerful graphics and moving images. The area also includes an area for younger children with activities and role play.

The core of the curatorial and participatory elements of the gallery is an open access kiosk based digital resource. Individual visitors can curate their journey through the resources of the gallery or be guided by software that helps them to find material linked to more general criteria or search terms. The design and production of the AV elements and the C.M.S. that sits behind it were provided by Joi Poloi as part of a design build team led by Unusual Projects.

The budget was not generous and the project programme extremely tight at just two months from inception to completion.


Form Atlarge were responsible for 3d design, graphics concept design interpretation planning and consultancy during production.

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