Me and My Body - Halifax

Client: Eureka! National Children's Museum

Working with the world’s experts on playful learning - the children themselves - was great fun. In the mind of a young child it’s hard to imagine a distinction between play and learning. It is how they know the world.

Our design provides a strong framework to launch children’s imagination and allow them to develop their own play.

Each of the five zones of the exhibition have a clear identity and purpose within the unifying design language of the entire project. We wanted to create environments that evoke rather than replicate real environments and use bold stylized forms to trigger children’s play.

We have made a place where children and their adults can be together somewhere safe, supportive and free of anxiety – a place where adults feel comfortable enough to play alongside their children.

All this high-energy activity puts extra demands on the practical design. Everything in the gallery has to be robust enough to support the unexpected ways children use to work things out for themselves. We had to assess and test durable materials that would look good even after years of hard use without a demanding maintenance programme.

teddy entrancesmall