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First Hydro Company Electric Mountain

Electric Mountain
Client: First Hydro Company

Electric Mountain, located in Snowdonia National Park, is an awe inspiring feat of twentieth century engineering. A network of man-made caverns and tunnels inside the mountain transform it into a giant energy store as water is pumped between lakes at high and low level.


Although built to store excess power generated by coal fired power stations at times of low demand, Electric Mountain has found and even more important role as wind and solar power become the most important source of the nation’s energy.


We designed new exhibition, café and retail areas in the re-furbished visitor centre and re-planned the underground tours with new interpretation within the mountain itself. Visitors see an immersive AV show before taking the electric mini bus drive through the tunnels and caverns. On their return they can explore the significance of the mountain and the future of energy production and use in an interactive gallery.

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