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Brand Activation

Brand Activation

A leading urban development corporation wished transform and strengthen the awareness of their brand through an immersive experience that introduces them to their key audiences around the world.


Our task was to create a concept for a travelling immersive experience as a brand awareness tool and engagement driver.


The installation, which is free standing and self contained, takes the form of a VIP “private view” of a futuristic gallery that introduces the history, present activities and future objectives of the company.


The journey begins as visitors enter the pod and are greeted in an interactive “departure” lounge introducing the company and their past achievements.


The set rotates to deliver an immersive film presenting the company from their origins to their present iconic projects.


As the show finishes the screen draws back to reveal a portal with VR pods transporting guests to tour brand new master planned developments


Finally, in an interactive “arrivals” lounge, guests drill down in detail on all the new developments and investment opportunities.

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