Hengqin Ocean Kingdom Song of the Ocean Gallery

Client: Chimelong

Working with Chimelong and our build partners Green Country we produced the concept and scheme design for a brand new dark walkthrough experience about the deep ocean. Designed for the family audience we set out to embellish heavily on the fact that less than 3% of the worlds oceans have been explored, which begs the question ‘what’s in the rest?’

This premise allows us to have a lot of fun with visitors meeting animatronic and holographic characters that we do know about as well as a good number of new ones. The defining skill however is that all the characters can either sing or play an instrument.  Visitors descend through a series of areas exploring fantastical environments, meeting characters and joining in with a good sing song throughout. The whole experience ends with a spectacular sing-along with all of the characters they met on their journey.

area02AA copy EG
Area9_01A copyRH2